Istanbul, Turkey (2013) - Vividly colored spices are the main attraction for the famed Ottoman-era Spice Market. Dating back to the mid-1600’s, the market was created so its rent could support the upkeep and charitable activities of the nearby New Mosque. In its prime, the Spice Market was the last stop for the camel caravans traveling the Silk Routes from China, India and Persia. Today, the market still serves local Istanbul residents, however it has become more sanitized and touristy – feeling more like a modern, climate-controlled fashion mall rather than a centuries-old market with vendors barking out orders.

That’s why we found it so refreshing to step outside the market into the busy, bustling outdoor bazaar surrounding the market. Although this colorful section was established a mere 100 years ago, it felt older and more authentic than the Spice Market. Its narrow corridors were lined with fresh produce stands and fish stalls along side storefronts selling kitchenware and toys for Turkish boys and girls.

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