Knox, North Dakota (2018) - It’s rare that I revisit the same image, but I did with this one. My lovely bride’s family lives on a farm where I had shot a similar image in 2012. They have this weather vane on the western edge of their property, and I captured a fine image and sold a few copies. On a recent visit, I noticed they had replaced the vane with a new one and the weather was particularly picturesque. So I here is the new image. The caption on the original still works, so here it is:

During the past few years, I’ve had the great honor of traveling through 25 countries and 49 states. As funny as it sounds, I often feel more comfortable on the road rather than at home. Exploring new lands and thrusting myself into the unfamiliar has become second nature.

While traveling, I’ve discovered I have a pretty good sense of direction – always knowing how to get through the most twisty cities and strange situations. That’s probably why this photo makes me smile. It reminds me of the internal compass that we all have inside of us. When we follow it, we will always know our “true north.”

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