Motovun, Croatia (2014) - The walled town of Motovun is a system of internal and external fortifications with towers and gates designed to protect its Medieval inhabitants from invading hoards.

These days, the gates are open, allowing anyone to come inside to sightsee. Once a high-perch for archers to shoot arrows at mauraders in the valley below, this 13th Century gate now provides a scenic backdrop for tourist “selfies” and a resting place for eating a slice of pizza.

On a particularly chilly autumn morning. I had woken early, intending on beating the throngs, so I could capture the colorful Romanesque city buildings at sunrise. However once I saw how the columned overlook framed the valley’s thick fog, it became irresistable to turn away. I fired off a dozen images, and this one best captures the moment of my eerily quiet discovery.

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