Kadikoy, Turkey (2013) - A lot of street photography comes down to luck – somehow being in the right place at the right time. My lovely bride found this site in the cosmopolitan Kadikoy district of Istanbul on the Asia side of the city. We had spent most of our visit on the European side, so we decided to spend our last afternoon crossing the Bosphorus Strait exploring the Asia side. After walking through the business district and market, we found our way to a park along the northern shore of the Sea of Mamara.

It was dusk, and the setting sun along the horizon had lit up the overcast clouds in layers of puffy pink, a perfect setting for the cotton candy vendor who had just parked his car and was preparing to sell his sugary treats. With the light fading fast, I had a few minutes to change my lense and wait for the perfect moment to capture the scene. I waited until a man entered the scene from the left before taking a shot. It was all luck.

Limited edition print for Amazon Fine Art.

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