Cappadocia Region, Turkey (2013) - The Cappadocia is part of an ancient region of Anatolia. It’s known for the craggily rock formations and thousands of cave dwellings which have made it a strategic bridge between the east and west since the Bronze Age. Since 3000 B.C., this region has been overrun by soldiers from the empires of Alexander the Great, the Persians, the Egyptians, and the Ottomans. (just to name a few). It even contains some of the earliest known Christian churches (in caves) dating from the 4th Century. It’s now part of central Turkey, and this region’s political stability has brought busloads of tourists to see its unique cultural heritage and exceptional natural wonders.

The best way to see the scope of the area is by hot air balloons. When we arrived, winter was settling in, and the weather was cloudy and cold. However on our last day, the skies parted for about 10 minutes, and we saw hundreds of balloons and the natural meet on the horizon. I was able to fire off about a couple dozen shots before the clouds returned and turned everything grey again.

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