I practice a quiet form of photojournalism. Within my images you will see ordinary life captured in extraordinarily candid moments. These are snippets of everyday moments that transform into something far more interesting when captured by the camera.

My collection of work is free of the usual headline images that fill your news site, newspaper, or newscast. But look at them. Study them. Feel them. And perhaps you’ll see why I think they are just as interesting.

I developed this quiet style years ago as a young photojournalist while shooting for print and TV news outlets across the country. I was always the guy who didn’t want to join the media circus. If I came to the scene of some news event and saw dozens of cameras all focused in one direction, I’d focus my camera in a completely different direction. Every once in a while, I’d miss the shot that told the story, but more often than not, I’d capture the image that no one else had – a quieter image that gave context and form to the story. That’s when I learned that the ordinary, even the simplest scene could be extraordinary. Years later, I’m still the photographer aiming my camera the other way. 


About Scott

Scott is a professional storyteller who works both in front and behind the camera. He's a sought-after multiple Emmy-winning director for Fortune 500 companies needing a filmmaker who can capture the human spirit and engage the viewer with a signature documentary storytelling style.

And as a television/film actor, you'll find Scott in studio feature films such as Gone Girl and powerful indies like Dallas Buyers Club.

Scott is happily married and a proud dad of two Welsh Corgi puppies, and in his spare time, he plays the trumpet. Scott sits on several boards and is currently writing a book titled The Search for Thor based on a spiritual sabbatical he took through Asia-Pacific. Find him on IMDb and on Twitter at @ScottTakeda.